Welcome to FANSITEish!

A tiny Fansite host that gives you options…

We are by no means a big host, and have no ambitions of getting huge.  We just want to give the best hosting to anyone that want to call our server home!

We know your pain, trying to find a host that gives you what you want without stress.


I have been hosting sites for nearly 10 years!

Way too lonng.  But along that journey I have probably solved every hosting problem under the sun.  You can have pretty much as much space, bandwidth and databases as you want, all I ask is you promote my hosting and display those pesky google ads.

I want to give you options!

  • Do you want to display some simple ads?
  • Or would you rather pay a small amount each month/year?
  • Do you want a little help setting up?

I am Fay, your hostess on your fansite journey. A bit more about me- I am getting close to my mid-twenties, I live in the Midlands, UK. I have a degree in Web Design, I currently work for a large performance advertising agency and in my spare-time I run a small online shop.

I have run fansites since I was at school, when I should have been studying for my exams, although my first ever site is no more, my 2nd is still hanging on (http://jchambersonline.com) and now I also have many more.


you pick what you want from me!

I have been with many hosting companies for fansites and my own websites. But my favourite host gave me options, I could say exactly what I want and got it.  So why not apply this for fansites?

  • Do you want to have free hosting, with google ads?
  • Would you prefer to pay something each month/for a year?
  • Do you need some design help?
  • Help with set up?
  • Do you want a domain name?*
  • Do you need help getting known?

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